Join us in a creative dialogue to establish the expectations, possibilities, and aspirations for the future of our Big Bridges over the Mississippi River.

WHAT: Big Bridges: A Collaboration
WHEN: Now until December 6, 2015
WHERE: Target Studio at the Weisman Art Museum of the University of Minnesota

Big bridges have been making their mark on cityscapes through the ages. In the Twin Cities, our unique location on the gorge of the Mississippi River makes our bridges as majestic as they are vital. Whether supported from below or suspended from above, they are important elements in our visual world and integral to our livelihood. But our bridges are wearing out and in need of attention.

The Target Studio for Creative Collaboration will address the challenge of maintaining the quality of our big bridges in exhibitions and programs from now until December 6, 2015. We invite poets, artists, designers, engineers, and the larger community to engage in a creative dialogue establishing the expectations, possibilities, and aspirations for the preservation and replacement of our Mississippi River bridges. The collaborations will be hosted in the Target Studio as well as through social media.

Big Bridges will take us back to marvel at the artistic expression in historic bridges and look to the future of bridge design in the Twin Cities. Join us, as Target Studio becomes a laboratory for the creation of innovative visions for big bridges in the 21st century.

Poetry Contest

$5000 in prizes!

See your poem turned into a film!

America's bridges are failing. To inspire future engineers, Motionpoems and Target Studio at the Weisman Art Museum of the University of Minnesota invite poets to dream big about big bridges.

Five winners will:

  • receive $1,000
  • see their poems turned into short films

The winning Motionpoems will be screened at the Weisman Art Museum. Entrants are urged to consider the theme of “Big Bridges” in broad terms. While this project is designed to inspire and focus attention on our bridges over the Mississippi, poems need not be about bridges over the Mississippi. Entrants should consider not what a bridge is, but what it represents. Good luck!

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